Sustainable Business

As a member of the Sustainable Business Network, Custom Electrical is committed to sustainable businesses practices. We have comprehensive recycling and waste management processes and offer sustainable electrical solutions for our business partners.

Recycling & Waste Management

Our aim is to reduce landfill waste and recycle as much as possible. It is a bonus to support the Abilities Group in the process. 

E waste – Electrical appliances, light fittings, computer equipment – taken to Abilities group

Polystyrene – Polystyrene is bagged and taken to Abilities group 

Soft plastic – Soft plastic packaging is taken to Abilities group 

Copper cable recycling – McCamish scrap metals for recycling

Hazardous bin – Safe disposal of paints, aerosols, chemicals and oils

Compost – Food scraps, coffee grinds & shredded paper composted.

General recycling – Auckland council blue top bin taking paper, glass, plastic and cardboard packaging.

Cardboard – Large skip with reclaim for flattened cardboard.

Sustainable Products & Services

Custom Electrical offers sustainable electrical solutions for our business partners.

Efficient Led Lighting – We can supply and install Led lighting to significantly reduce your lighting power consumption.

Power Analyser / Data logging – We log data to calculate power factor and investigate power usage to help you develop plans to reduce your electricity usage.

Power Factor Correction – Power factor correction can eliminate or reduce extra power charges for kVA site capacity and reactive power.