Power Logging (Power Analyser)

Custom Electrical’s Auckland based team offer specialist power logging services. We can log your power usage by connecting a power analyser to your power supply for a specified time period. On completion we will provide you with a report outlining our findings including any potential for improvements. 

Main benefits of connecting a power analyser to log power usage data

We log power usage data to calculate power factor and investigate whether there is the possibility of power factor improvement. Power factor improvement can reduce the cost of your electrical bill and allow more power capacity on your current power supply. 

If you are experiencing an unexpected rise in electricity costs, logging power usage data can uncover the cause. By connecting a power analyser you will be provided with a report detailing when your power capacity is at its maximum and how much power is being consumed off peak. This information enables us to further assess possible causes for your rise in electricity costs. 

Custom Electrical Power Logging Service

  • Contact us and we will help clarify your project requirements and costs.
  • If you decide to go continue we will schedule a time period for data logging.
  • We will connect our power analyser onsite and log data for a minimum of one week.
  • Once the data is collected we supply you with a report detailing the findings inline with your project requirements.
  • We will arrange a meeting to discuss your report in person.

Call us today or email service@customelectrical.net.nz to arrange a consultation and site visit.  

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