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Custom Electrical are Auckland based specialist office fit out commercial electricians. Office fit out projects require special electrical expertise due to the variety of considerations which must be taken into account. The strategic placement of data and power points, lighting for productive work environments, the general need for more extensive data cabling and potentially working timelines around an active workplace require experienced planning and execution. As specialist office fit out commercial electricians we offer the full range of planning and design services to ensure your project is planned effectively around these considerations. Our team of office fit out commercial electricians work to a reliable interior fit out process with checks and balances ensuring the installation is completed to a high standard and in timely manner. 

Office Fit Out Commercial Electrician Challenges

Developing an effective lighting design which promotes a productive work environment.

We complete and provide lighting designs and ensure lighting is at the correct levels required. We supply 3d imagery to provide you with a visualisation of the final design. 

Determining the requirement for data points and their effective placement.

Data points must be planned effectively as office layouts will change. We work closely with your IT specialist to complete a communication wiring plan to suit your office space. 

How to organise cabling in the office environment to maintain a safe work enironment and minimise clutter.

As specialist office fit out commercial electricians we supply and install soft wiring systems to desks, in floors and through power umbilical’s. (

The length of time required to complete the project and the possible requirement for completing working out of hours.

We determine your office electrical fit out requirements through an initial consultation phase and plan our work timeline accordingly. In many cases companies continue to operate during the fit out project, As specialist office fit out commercial electricians we often work around active workplaces so if required we will plan to complete work out of hours.

Accurately determining the cost of your office fit out commercial electrician project.

After a comprehensive consultation and analysis of your projects requirements we supply fixed quotes with a break down of all costs to give you confidence in your budget.

Custom Electrical Office Fit Out Commercial Electrician Customers

  • Fit out companies
  • Businesses leasing their space
  • Building owners
  • Property management companies
  • Developers

Call us to arrange a consultation or email your projects for tender to and our estimators will have costings back to you by your required date. 

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Office Fit Out Commercial Electrician Projects

Here is a sample of office electrical fit out projects Custom Electrical have undertaken.