Electrical Test and Tag

We offer AS/NZ 3760: 2010 electrical test and tag services for appliances. For convenience, if required, we repair any faulty devices on site. 

Scheduled Electrical Test and Tag System

We manage a recurring scheduler test and tag system so you can avoid the hassle of having to check your test tags are current. All scheduling of re-testing is managed through specialised job management software, we will contact you prior to your tag dates expiring and before any scheduled inspection dates. We also supply you with a completed test and tag form for your health and safety records.

Custom Electrical test tags display the required information of AS/NZ 3760 so you know your appliances are compliant. AS/NZ 3760 Custom Electrical test tags include the following: 

  • Name of tester
  • Name of company
  • Test or inspection date and retest date 
  • Reference to AS/NZ S 3760

Electrical Test and Tag – Equipment and Frequency

12 monthly test and tag inspections

  • Electrical appliances
  • Electrical tools
  • Electrical extension leads
  • Electrical power cords
  • Electrical workplace equipment

6 monthly test and tag inspections

  • Industrial equipment 
  • Industrial machinery

3 monthly test and tag inspections

  • Construction equipment 
  • Construction machinery
  • Building industry equipment 
  • Building industry machinery 

Electrical Test and Tag Services

  • Construction sites
  • Industrial machinery
  • Schools
  • Office equipment
  • Hospitality / commercial kitchen

We will put together a tailored electrical test and tag plan to suit your requirements. Call us today or email service@customelectrical.net.nz to arrange a consultation and site visit. 

Read more about test and tag requirements at Worksafe test and tag.

Test and Tag Custom Electrical

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