Electric Vehicle Charging Installations

Custom Electrical are specialist commercial EV charger installers. We install Electric Vehicle chargers across the Auckland region. 

We see our role in facilitating the installation of EV chargers as critical to building the infrastructure to enable more Electric Vehicles on New Zealand roads. As a business we are passionate about sustainability and are active Sustainable Business Network investors for impact. Custom Electrical is your first choice for your EV charger installation. 

Commercial EV Chargers

When planning to install EV chargers for commercial sites, apartments, shopping centres, office buildings and public carparks there are a few things to consider: 

  1. Spare electrical capacity – Importantly, the first thing to consider is what spare electrical capacity does the building have for connecting EV chargers. Custom Electrical assists in the process by providing data logging (capacity check) on your building. We supply a report once completed and this will give you the information required to then decide on how many or what type of EV chargers you can install.

  2. Separate metering for EV Chargers – For apartments/body corps or if you are charging clients to use EV chargers, you will need to consider how you are going to measure usage. Custom Electrical can install Check meters or advise on type of EV chargers to make this process easier for you.

  3. Charging Speed – Depending on your requirements you may require fast charging (30min – 60min) or you may only require slow charging which might take much of the day or through the night. The required charging speed will influence the type of EV charger needed.
  4. Cost – The capital cost of EV chargers can vary considerably with fast chargers being more expensive than slow chargers. Custom Electrical offers free quotes and expert advice to suite your budget and charging requirements.

  5. Selecting the right company for the job. Once installed there are specific manufacturers tests to be carried out, also Annual assessments are required for all commercial EV charger stations. Custom Electrical have the specialist EV charger testing equipment to carry out ongoing maintenance and commissioning tests.

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EV Charger Installation

Residential EV Chargers

When planning to install EV chargers at home there are a few things to consider: 

  1. What type of charger do you require at home, considering you are likely to be able to charge your car over night you may not require a fast charger which will save you money on the cost of your charger?

  2. Does the household have capacity to be able to install an EV charger? If not, there are solutions for installing an EV charger that requires a high load.

  3. An electrical cable will most likely need to be installed between the switchboard to the EV charger.

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EV Charging Installation Projects

Custom Electrical Electric Vehicle Charging Installation projects.