Retail Fit Out Commercial Electricians

Custom Electrical’s Auckland based team of experienced retail fit out commercial electricians have an in depth understanding of exactly what is required to provide the best service and results when it comes to retail fit out commercial electrician installation and design.

Retail Fit Out Commercial Electrician Expertise

Our schedule includes the installation of multiple stores every month, we rely on a step by step commercial electrician installation system which allows us to maximise efficiency and minimise issues. Our processes allow us to give you reliable time frames, the best solutions and a guarantee that your job will be finished to the high standards we promise. Not only do we offer a high quality commercial electrician installations but our efficient processes allow us to offer a cost effective solution for your shop fit.

Retail fit out commercial electrician challenges

Finding a commercial contractor which understands the special needs of retail.

Shop fitting has unique requirements and a successful project will require experienced specialist commercial electrical contractors. Tight deadlines, after hours work, managing noise levels to a minimum are routine and must be managed effectively. Over hundreds of fit outs we have built the commercial electrician expertise required to anticipate, accommodate and successfully plan for these requirements making us the best choice for retail fit out projects. 

Finding a commercial electrician which understands light levels, what is specifically required for various lines of retail and the impact of light positioning.

If required, we have the experience to guide you through the initial planning stages by creating and supplying a lighting design which reaches required lux levels and further ensures the design of light is the best solution for your individual shop fit out scenario. 

Finding a commercial electrician which understands which light fittings are most suited for use in various settings.

Installing for all manner of retail gives us the expertise when it comes to offering advice on which light fittings suit different applications. We can recommend the latest contemporary light fittings to suit various decor and supply these as required.

Finding a commercial contractor which understands the dynamics of sound in a retail space and able to offer the best sound system solution in line with requirements.

We install commercial audio in retail outlets. We provide advice on the best audio system solutions to suit your particular retail and budget requirements. We professionally supply and install this as required.

Finding a commercial electrician which understands CCTV requirements and recommend the best system for your space and how to strategically position cameras.

We supply professional CCTV solutions to retail outlets and can advise you as to the best solution for your store. Today’s technology allows us to program your CCTV to be viewed on mobile phone and computer so you can keep an eye on your shop from wherever you are.

Finding a commercial contractor which understands alarm systems and how to ensure, through proper installation, that they operate effectively. 

We provide commercial alarm system planning and solutions. The effective operation of your alarm system is critical, ensuring alarms always go off when they should and never when they shouldn’t increases security and saves you time. We can plan and supply an effective alarm system for your premises.

Finding a commercial electrician which understands the length of time required to complete different projects, the costs involved and how to price up accurately.

We take the time to understand your job and our extensive commercial electrician fit out experience enables us to accurately size up and cost your installation. Once our initial consultation process is complete we provide you fixed price with a break down of all costs and a project timeline giving you confidence and complete transparency.

We complete commercial electrician shop fit outs for

  • Interior fit out companies
  • Direct to retail chains 
  • Direct to one clients who are just new to retail

Call us to arrange a consultation or email your projects for tender to and our estimators will have costings back to you by your required date. 

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Commercial Electrician Shop Fit Out Projects

Here is a sample of retail electrical fit out projects Custom Electrical have undertaken.