Scheduled Preventative Maintenance

Custom Electrical’s Auckland based team are experienced scheduled preventative maintenance electricians with specialist skills across a wide range of industries and efficient job management processes to ensure your equipment is well maintained.

What is Scheduled Preventative Maintenance?

Preventative maintenance involves routine inspection and servicing of electrical equipment to ensure equipment and operations continue to run effectively. Neglecting to have in place a preventative maintenance program can lead to equipment failure, plant downtime and the higher costs of bringing failed electrical equipment back on line. 

Preventive maintenance may include checking operation of electrical parts, inspecting electrical connections and cables, undertaking thermal imaging, replacing parts, cleaning, routine repairs and equipment overhauls as scheduled. A preventive maintenance program will be customised to suit your equipment and operation.

Reliable Preventative Maintenance Service

We have established a scheduled preventative maintenance system to ensure we deliver an efficient and effective service. We operate specialised job management software to ensure inspections occur at the required intervals and clients are informed in advance of an inspection taking place. As well as providing a schedule we maintain accurate inspection records and service reports. These records are reviewed to assess whether inspections and servicing are occurring at intervals that adequately address the needs of your equipment. 

Benefits of Scheduled Preventative Maintenance

  • Maintaining the reliability of equipment
  • Minimal downtime because of equipment failure
  • Prolonged life of equipment
  • Reduced urgent call outs and expensive repairs on machinery
  • Minimise the risk of injury to staff

Client Sectors

  • Industrial
  • Quarry
  • Fast food chains
  • Office / warehouse commercial building
  • Education sector

We will put together a tailored scheduled preventative maintenance plan to suit your requirements. Call us today or email to arrange a consultation and site visit. 

Qualified, Certified & Trusted

  • IQP Registered
  • Schedule Management

Scheduled Maintenance Contracts

A sample of scheduled preventative maintenance clients and projects