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Custom Electrical are specialist, Auckland based industrial electricians. We understand machines must be operating to create turnover, this is why we offer 24 hour call out service for our industrial clients. We guarantee our industrial electrician team will be onsite within one hour for all urgent service requests. 

Having a clear understanding of the industrial electrical servicing requirements for specific industrial machinery is vital for long term effective service. This is why we assign a team of specialised industrial electricians to your site, this allows us to build a level of expertise and knowledge around servicing your equipment so any issues are efficiently resolved.

Preventative maintenance plans can also be scheduled for your machinery. Reduce the risk of costly stoppages during operation, have us identify potential issues before they become problems and carry out maintenance requirements. Scheduled maintenance by our industrial electrician team can be carried out while your plant is offline and commonly occurs over the Christmas break. 

Our experienced team of industrial electricians can assist you with any project management requirements, and service and repair of your plant and equipment. 

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  • Mining
  • Extrusion
  • Steel industry
  • Stainless steel industry 
  • Food processing

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