Power Factor Correction

Custom Electrical’s Auckland based team specialise in the design and installation of power factor correction. Commercial and industrial facilities can find themselves being charged extra by electrical supply companies for kVA site capacity and reactive power. Power factor correction can lead to some of these charges being reduced or eliminated. 

Power Factor Testing

we can help you to test your power factor. We can connect a power analyser to gather data which we leave connected for a week. We then provide you with a report which will indicate what your power factor rating is and help determine whether you are being penalised for a low power factor. In our report we will also outline the benefits and savings you will receive if you decide to install a power factor unit.

Call us today or email service@customelectrical.net.nz to arrange a consultation and site visit. 


Power Factor Correction Project: Vulcan Stainless

Vulcan stainless asked us to investigate whether they could install a new 200 Amp LVD laser cutter. We connected our power analyser to gather data. We supplied them with a report indicating they only had  100 Amps to spare on their current power supply.

They had two options:

  1. Upgrade transformer and power supply. ($60 – $80K)
  2. Install a power factor unit. Which with increased power factor meant they had a spare 230 Amp. ($18k) Once the power factor unit was installed this also waived a monthly $500 charge from their Electricity supply company. This had a minimum 36 month payback period.

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